Soul in the Sun August Newsletter 

Well it’s been a mixed Summer so far, red hot then an odd day torrential rain. 

Soul wise there’s not a lot to report at the moment, most of us have been enjoying the sunshine

While our gardens have been enjoying the rain! 

Soul in the Sun November 2nd, 2018 

We are in the final stages of organising our November holiday, Gordon and I are working on the programme, the wristbands have been ordered and the DJs have been informed ( if you were expecting to DJ for us and I haven’t been in touch, you need to Email me NOW) 

Over the next 3 months I will be in touch with you lots of times, including in October our infamous “ Last Email before we go” which covers everything you will need to know about Soul in the Sun 

Don’t forget the last day for credits or refunds is September 1st, 2018.  Anyone who cancels after September 1st will be donating their money to Cancer Research, but they must let me know.

Also anyone who simply doesn’t show up in Tenerife and has not let me know will be removed from our mailing list.

As you know we have sold out of passes for November’s Soul in the Sun, in fact we sold out at the end of April.

After talking to the Spanish security and owners of Vivo we have agreed that it is Ok to sell a small number (maximum 50) four day passes.

These are on the ‘quieter nights’ when we expect around 700.    These wristbands will be a different colour, and  can be used only at the following times    (daytime sessions 1pm – 5pm evening sessions 8pm  till 2am)

Thursday 1st November – evening  --  Friday 2nd November - daytime & evening  --  Saturday 3rd November – daytime  --  Sunday 4th November – daytime  --  Monday 5th November – evening

Tuesday 6th November - daytime & evening  --  Wednesday 7th November - daytime & evening  --  Thursday 8th November – daytime  --  Friday 9th November - evening

N.B.  Should the Fancy Dress on Monday afternoon be postponed because of imminent rain (unlikely) you will be allowed in on Monday, but not for the rearranged date

The “four day” passes are £30  each and can be paid  by BACS or PayPal (details below)cancellation policy is the same as full passes, no refunds or credits after September 1st

If, during the holiday I hear of enough people going home before the last night (Thursday) I will notify you via Facebook that you are allowed in for our last night, but no promises

You need to email me for details on how to pay

 Soul in the Sun April 5th , 2019


 As expected the bookings have been great again this year, and we are way up on the same time last year.

 Please don’t leave it too late, there will be no 4 day passes in April.

 A booking form is attached, but if you pay by BACs or PayPal I don’t need it. I must have the names and any Email addresses though

 So Soulful 70’s

 Haven’t had one for a while so we are all looking forward to this one 

Pen Drives  -  £28

For the past year I have been selling pen drives and the response has been fantastic.  Each Pen Drive has around 1875 soul tunes on. 

 I have mixed them up completely so that you can listen to a Northern track, a Motown track, Modern Soul, Commercial Soul  & 70’s Soul Classic one after the other

Let me tell you what you can do with it.

 1)            Many new cars now don’t have CD players, but instead a USB port. Just plug it in there and you have approximately 90 hours of listening ( based on 3 mins per tune)

2)            Download them on your computer and play through iTunes or whatever  other programme you choose. 

               Once you have done this you can wipe it clean and you have a 8 GB pen drive to store photos, files or whatever on ( usually cost about £5 - £7)

3)            Import to your phone and play through that

4)            Plug it into the back of your TV and play through that while you are doing your housework

 Just £28 inc P & P ( that’s less than 1.5p per tune)  Money back guarantee if not 100% delighted  -  This is a no brainer!!!!

By far the best way to pay for any of the above items is by Just Giving.

It’s fast, easy and as long as you don’t mention buying anything (just put well done, such a great cause or similar) you can then gift aid it, which means Cancer Research can clam another 20%

Many of you will know Brenford & Barbara who have been coming to Tenerife you years, They had to postpone April’s holiday and now Novembers as well. Barbara’s story is below

In January we had some news that would change our lives completely. My sister Zara had suffered with migraines and a seizure. Tests soon revealed she not only had a brain tumour but she had Glioblastoma. A term our family had to learn to understand very quickly. (Grade 4 cancerous brain tumour)

Zara had an operation to remove the Tumour but because it is so aggressive it will come back. The statistics with this kind of tumour are not only scary but heartbreaking. After alot of research we have found a private clinic in Germany that can offer Zara treatment to give her a longer length of time to spend with her two beautiful boys Noah aged 4 and Isaac 10months.

This treatment has the potential to watch her boys grow up

Treatment is costly and will cost £88k


Please help us by donating and sharing to give Zara a better quality and longer life with her boys and Fiancé Matt.

Zara is 34 years old. Before this diagnosis she was a fantastic teacher for over 14 years to many children who adore her. She has a loving family who want to give her the memories and time she deserves.

She is doing so well and we’re so proud of her and determined to beat this with your help.

This is where we come in!!!! In November we will be donating the collection on Fancy Dress Day to help the cause.

But for now it is your chance to help, I have put together a  FANTASTIC CD of some of the best Soul Music on earth – The top 24 Soul in the Sun tracks OF ALL TIME  !!!!!

All you need to do to get one is donate £10 ( you can give more of course) then Email me with your address

If you don’t want the CD and just want to donate that is fine, but come on Soulies lets do our best!

You can donate here

If for any reason you cannot use Just Giving you can PayPal  or send a cheque payable to P Edmondson to 10 Hillswood Avenue, Kendal, Cumbria. LA9 5BT

 Solar Radio 

On my radio show the other week I played a full CD that I found in my garage. I made it years ago  for when I go in the garage on my exercise bike in Winter.

 Anyway I offered it to the listeners and sold loads of them (for Cancer Research) It is full of 70’s tunes, some well-known and some not.

 If you would like one they are £7 each and can be paid via Just Giving

 OR YOU CAN HAVE BOTH FOR JUST £20 (I think that’s a bargain)

 Don’t forget that if you want a request or dedication, just drop me a line


 And finally ……………………….

 I have been approached by a holiday company  about them sorting out hotels and flights for Soul in the Sun customers!

I have refused their offer as it is just another company wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

 They offered me 8 hotels, 6 of which are miles away from our venue , the other 2,  I wouldn’t use myself.   Apart from that they are far too dear!

If you see anyone using our logo, or name please let me know

 Eddy Edmondson


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