Soul in the Sun is a weeks holiday Friday to Friday (although we have a soul night the Thursday before and the Friday after)

You make your own way to Tenerife, book your own accommodation and buy a weekly pass to get into the event

Our next Winter holiday starts on Friday 1st November, 2019


  WINTER        WINTER Soul in the Sun - November 1st - 7th, 2019

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We have Soul Sessions every night in two areas

"out the back" is a huge open area with two large canopies that we dance under,  lots of seating and lots of speakers

It starts at 8 pm every night and goes through to midnight, when the sound is slowly turned down.

We all then move into the "nightclub" area inside, and on to the front terrace, until 2 am

The nights are themed, so you might have 45 minutes of 'The Twisted Wheel Sounds' followed by 45 minutes of 'Tamla Motown'

All of these sessions are detailed in the programme you are given when you arrive

Other sessions include :-

Youth Club Soul, Wigan Casino, The Golden Torch, So Soulful 70's, Philadelphia International,

Morecambe Pier, Blackpool Mecca, Classic Northern, Commercial Soul, Modern Soul and one we call 'Across the board'


Inside in the nightclub we start at 9 pm and carry on till 2 am

The music from inside is also piped out to the front terrace that can hold another 200 people

We don't usually theme this room, but leave it to the DJs to play whatever they like

You could hear Rita & the Tiaras - Gone with the wind is my love followed by R Kelly Share my love

All quality Soul music.


Every afternoon we have our day time sessions between the hours of 1 and 5

where we try and play music that you will not hear at night

That is except for Monday and Wednesday!!!!

On Monday we have our famous Fancy Dress afternoon that starts at 2pm  and finishes at midnight

It is a day you will never forget, (check out the photos)

also new to our agenda is our 'Scottish all-dayer' on Wednesday, from 1pm till 6 pm



       WINTER Soul in the Sun - November 1st - 7th, 2019

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