Right then, you want to join us at Soul in the Sun in November do you?  

Your gonna have a ball

Check out where about Vivo is HERE and make sure you book accommodation nearby

This November  we have started a new way to book your passes for Soul in the Sun

Instead of Emailing me and the either doing a bank transfer or PayPal or sending a cheque

we have introduced a system where you can pay on a card

It's fast, safe, easy and you can do it and get a receipt in a few minutes.


Right you are now ready to book your holiday. 

Just click on this link that will take you to a payment page


Depending on your device you might have to right click and "open in new window"


We start on the Friday, so try and get a flight that arrives in the afternoon.

If you can get longer off work we are at Vivos on the Thursday before and the Friday after our official week

Make sure to book a hotel nearby, one year someone got a "bargain priced holiday" but their hotel was at Golf del Sur which is a 20 Euro taxi drive each way!

Have a good look at the maps on our site, if you are not sure, send us an Email and we will try and help you.


You have just made a great decision, you are going to have the best holiday of your life, and meet loads of great friends.

Don't forget to pack the sun cream!

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